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Kerry Moy

Business & Entrepreneurship

From Los Angeles, California, Kerry Moy is an experienced financial professional with more than 35 years of experience in wealth management and financial services. As the Founder of Moy Wealth Advisors, he also serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer.

About Kerry Moy

After graduating from the University of Illinois Chicago with his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Kerry Moy began his career in 1985 when he first entered Wall Street as a Portfolio Manager with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. He later held the esteemed position of Senior Vice President and spent 28 years working with the firm. Kerry Moy left Merrill Lynch when he was recruited by another financial firm in 2012; he stepped into the role of First Vice President, Portfolio Manager Director, and Financial Advisor with the firm. 

Kerry Moy stayed with the firm for nearly seven years before he decided to branch out on his own in his career. He founded Moy Wealth Advisors in Pasadena, California, where he has served as the Chief Executive Officer ever since. Through Moy Wealth Advisors, Kerry offers comprehensive financial planning, wealth management for Family Office and High-Net-Worth portfolios, and creating customized financial strategies for clients. By stepping out on his own and creating Moy Wealth Advisors, Kerry has better access and flexibility when it comes to working with all of Wall Street’s major firms, and he is able to operate without the limitations that come with working for just one company. 

As a Portfolio Manager, Kerry Moy has hands-on specialization in building his clients’ net worth by customizing strategies for his clients and constructing comprehensive financial plans for tax planning, distribution, business succession, wealth accumulation, and preservation. He brings his combined health of wisdom, experience, and knowledge to focus on financial security, understanding the economic environment, and managing risk and expectations for his clients. Within his financial career, he developed specialization working with a client base of corporations, retirement plans, and high-net-worth investors. Kerry himself lives by the motto, “Patience, discipline, and knowledge are imperative to making comfortable, productive investment decisions together.”

Alongside Moy Wealth Advisors, Kerry Moy serves as Owner and Principal for M2K Group, which he joined in 2010. The Group is comprised of Restaurant Developers who created establishments like The Big Catch, Spear Steak & Seafood, Wokcano, Bunker Hill Bar, Triple * China, and EMC Seafood, among others. 

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